Los Ponchos Hotel Boutique


is an experience rather than just a hotel.

La Patagonia in its vast immensity provides us with lovely landscapes, but its best kept secret is the experience. When La Patagonia imposes on you, you will discover that you are no longer a tourist but a traveller. When you choose Los Ponchos Apart Boutique, we will take care that you receive the best comfort as well as feel this place is your home in the far south. 

Aparts Los Ponchos

The warm decor and its art collection in keeping with the historical legacy, making Los Ponchos Apart Boutique a truly Argentinean place.

Servicios Los Ponchos

Its highly personalized service, the quality and comfort of its facilities make the guest feel in a warm place.

Los Ponchos Apart Boutique

Los Ponchos Apart Boutique is a place with self-identity. “El poncho”, one of the most representative symbols of Argentinean culture, is related to courageous Men and to their love for freedom, as wide as the places he conquered.


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